Monday, January 5, 2009

The Husband Project, Day Three

Discussion Question:
Describe your favorite date with your husband before you got married. Enter this answer in the comment section of this blog.

How creative can you be for five bucks? It's time to find out bcause that is all you have to bless your hubby with today. Maybe it is buying ingredients to make his favorite brownies. Could it be buying candles to set on the table tonight? Your choice. You have $5.00 only! we go. Be sure and e-mail me at when your project is completed. If you have a digital camera, send me a picture. This can be fun!

Judy sent the picture and the following comment: My $5 was used to make him happy and put a smile on his face.
The attached picture is of two things that represent my husband, Rick.
Pooh Bear is the nickname I gave him several years ago and he absolutely LOVES Starbucks.
He was very pleasantly surprised with my gifts.

Shelley wrote "For day three, I could not spend $5. but I thought about something I could give him that would be meaningful. A few years ago we bought these expensive backpacks together that were on clearance. They were exactly what we both wanted. Over the course of time, my husbands has gotten torn up because he uses his more than I use mine. I have about 2-3 different bags I use for school because once one starts to bother my back I switch back and forth. Needless to say, he has been bothering me about letting him have my favorite backpack for a few months now. It was kind of aggravating because I always thought to myself "he knows I switch back and forth because they all eventually start to bother my back, why would he want to take it"? Anyways, I took the backpack today and left it on his side of the bed with a note. It said "Dominic, I love you more than this backpack". When he got home from work he hugged me and said "I love you, but you can keep your backpack because I don't want your back to hurt". So now, I don't know WHO will keep the backpack, and it doesn't even matter because we both got what we wanted in the end".

Heather M wrote "Today’s project was going to be a little hard for me, considering the fact that I just sat down at the computer at almost 9 p.m. to start this! But then I realized… I spent $5 to bless my hubby today ANYWAY!! After work today, I went grocery shopping while Jason was at wrestling practice. I got home a few minutes before him, planning to do the piles of dishes in the sink, many loads of laundry, & make a nice dinner for my husband – all before his meeting at church at 7 p.m. I was going to be SUPER-WIFE! Well, he came in the door & wasn’t looking to good…. He hadn’t been feeling well for about 2 weeks now, and decided today that he’d had enough. He hinted about going to Urgent Care… but I made the final decision for him. I knew that this was what he really needed. I stopped doing the dishes, dried off my hands, & said, “We’re going.” I drove him there, waited for him to finish, then went and filled his prescription for him. The cost? $4.56!! The benefit? My honey can start to feel better…. & I’ll be taking care of him in the meantime, with some good TLC!"

Susan wrote "My husband works 2nds (3-11). Our brief encounter today was kissing him goodbye as he slept and I left for work this morning. He won't be home until after midnight when I'm already asleep. I purchased a Hallmark card and his favorite candy bar, a Hershey's with almonds, to surprise him when he gets home. We've been on the South Beach Diet since mid-November so this will be extra special for him. This choice treat set me back $2.78".

Tearsa wrote "Wow! When I realized today’s project, I was knee-deep in report cards that have to be out this week. But then after re-thinking about whether or not I must go out, in the cold, I realized I had already blessed him today. I fudged just a tiny bit…the price had gone up! I bought him his favorite drink to take to work: Lipton diet green tea".

Diane wrote "Since I am just getting to 'Day Three' project, I didn't have time to get anything for the $5 so I had to do some creative thinking real fast because I only have 8-minutes according to my clock to get this completed. So, my husband was sitting next to me working on some music and I decided to give him 5-big kisses/hugs. For each one, I told him why he was so special to's what I said in a snapshot.
xoxo1 - God made you just for me.
xoxo2 - You make me laugh even when I try to be mad at you.
xoxo3 - You are such a loving and caring husband to me always.
xoxo4 - You believe in me and encourage me to be/do my best.
xoxo5 - I love you more each day and I always think I can't love you anymore than I do but it keeps increasing.

Unfortunately, since we are both dressed for bed, he was not having any pictures taken of him tonight....but trust me, he had a BIG SMILE on his face when this project ended for the night! I think he's going to be looking forward to each day as much as me now! :-)"

Kimberly wrote "Creativity with $5.00 bucks was candilght via McDonald's his favorite place. LOL"

Heather C said "Hubby worked so late that yes the kids were in bed. But he brought home some supper for us I had the family room coffee table cleaned off with a nice towel as a cloth, a candle burning and wine glasses and the recording of NCIS that he wanted to watch, then we cuddled on the couch watching another show. But we were both so tired we cuddled in bed and went to sleep".

Karen wrote "I am not sure that I am on track. I am trying to keep up but I'm getting confused about the days and the project, but I'll hang in there. I've attached the picture of my $5.00 gift. As I mentioned, Ron's favorite place to eat is Chipotle's. Well, I've attached a picture of him that I took last night holding a $5.00 giftcard from Chipotle's".

Tammy wrote "First off I went to a local dollar tree and bought blank cd and some brownies...I cleaned up and sent the kids to the neighbors for a hour or so and when hubby came home I put the cd on...It was some fav songs from when we had first got married..Had the candle lit..praised God for all we have....Then we ate dinner pork chops ,scalloped potaoes and green beans...Then I gave him a message with some oil I got at the dollar store.....He loved it.I loved it......Just spending time together remembering ..thanks. again...sorry I couldn't get my cam working ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh".


First Lady of Bethlehem said...

My first date was in the park. We walked and was chased by the ducks. That was very memorable and funny.

First Lady of Bethlehem said...
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Susan D said...

This is still one of my favorite things to do with my hubby. I remember this particular date like it was yesterday. It was mid-August. The heat and humidity were smothering. We had finished our dinner date at a favorite restaurant and decided to go for a drive through a state park near our town. He drove until he found the perfect spot, an open grassy area. He stopped the car and took out two folding chairs. You know the kind. They collapse and fit into a bag that is slung over the shoulder for ease in carrying. These particular chairs also have a foot rest. Nice touch. While he was getting the chairs from the trunk of the car, I was spraying on my prized summer fragrance, OFF! Mosquitoes find my natural aroma irresistible.

We then strolled hand-in-hand out to the middle of the open grassy patch and set up the chairs. We positioned them side-by-side but facing each other, similar to a love seat. We talked of hopes and dreams as we gazed at the night sky and gazed at each other. It was truly a precious moment. The climate dictated the duration of our star gazing but it is a moment that will always be treasured.

Shelley said...

My favorite date was not anything spectacular, but what my husband did after our date spoke to my heart. I was on my lunch break and he lived about 30 min from where I worked. I drove the 30 minutes (in a blizzard) just to spend 5 minutes with him! I only had an hour lunch break! When I left him I forgot my work badge to get security clearance. When he realized I forgot it he drove it to my job and turned around and went back home. It's not anything big, but his thoughtfulness is what mattered to me. It saved me from another long drive in the snow to his house and I was able to go straight home after work.

countryallover said...

My most memeorable date with my husband was the day I met him..I know this sounds weird but it is like it happened yesterday.It wasn't really a date but it is one of my best memories....I started talking to my husband on the cb...[to those who don't know what that is..It is a citizens band radio...My dad had one in his truck to use when we went to show our horses........guess you could say it was my puter back then [lol].. Anyways....We started talking whenever I went to town or when I was bored...We never knew each others real name because we used handles on the cb...So this one day I was going with my mom to the grocery store so I am talking to my hubby while my mom is shopping right? I'm laughing at him and his freinds on the cb and just having a good ole time when I hear a tap on my truck window....I turn around and it is my hubby...He says hi I am rick and I'm like yeah soooooooooo he goes no I'm your cb buddy.I just about feel out of my seat..He had followed the cb signal till he found me....My mom came out of the store and I thouhgt oh no I am in trouble....I wasn't when he explained he had found us....But that is a memory I will always have.....awwwwwwwww young love and mature love aren't they awesome???????????By the way my old cb handle was mysterylady2 and his was

Heather C. said...

Hmmmmm My hubby and I didnt date very long before we got married, but I guess it would have been the first date, it was a blind date, he took me to his unit's Halloween Party in the Hanger he worked at (This was in Hawaii he was Army I worked for a travel agency). We got bored so we went to the beach and talked on the beach until about 5am. Boy do I miss those times of no responsibities and doing things on a whim....

K. Sevier said...

My favorite date with my husband before we got married is when he proposed. It was November 18, 2006, my birthday. We went to dinner, then he took me to one of our favorite outdoor spots in the Woodlands.(just outside of Spring, Tx.) Surrounded by a babbling brook & soft music playing, he got down on one knee in front of everyone & proposed. That was very special because Ron is a little on the shy side. So for him to do that in front of strangers, that was special and I will always remember it.

Judy Martorelli said...

My husband and I went to karaoke every Saturday night at the Amvets post for our date. My most memorable date was when he proposed to me at karaoke. He worked really hard to get this one over on me. At the time, he was driving a truck for a metal company and had to work on Saturday occasionally but not very often. One day he told me he had to work on the coming Saturday and I thought nothing of it. While he was 'working', he ran around getting everything ready for that night (buying a cake, roses, rings, etc). He had a couple of the 'gang' from Amvets helping him that night.
I had just finished singing a song when he walked up to me and said "You're not done yet. May I have the Mic?" I thought I was going to drop because he had always said that he wasn't going to get up there and make a fool of himself. I actually thought he was finally going to try it.
Well, when he was talking to me and taking the Microphone from me, a friend was bringing up a chair and sliding it in behind me. He asked me to sit down. Now my curiosity was piqued. Suddenly he was down on his knee and handed me a dozen roses and then asked me, right in front of everyone, into the microphone, if I would marry him. I was speechless at first and then I said 'Yes'.
The cake he had bought said 'Judy said yes'. Someone asked him 'what if she had said no?' and he pulled out a card from his pocket that said 'No' and said, "I'd just stick this card on it and we'll eat the cake anyways".
When we were eating the cake he mentioned how hard it was for him to get this done without me finding out and I asked him, "Do you mean you didn't really work today?" DUH!...LOL
Sorry this was so long but it was very memorable. We both had been married twice before and he said that I am the only one he ever got on his knee to propose to.
Thanks for letting me share.

Tearsa said...

Wow! It's hard to narrow it down to just one. The first time we met face to face was quite memorable. I had just taken my grandmother back home after Thanksgiving and was coming back to meet this gentleman in person. (Previously, we had spoken on the phone and on line.) I was running late. (It took longer to get from Northcentral Arkansas to Muskogee than I had previously calculated.) I called him and told him I was running late. We met at a Burger King (nice public place). We talked until they closed it down. He was so intelligent and so easy to talk to and not too bad on the eyes either. I had a really nice time and we made plans to see each other again...very soon!

Heather @ The Striving Wife said...

Well, since my husband & I didn't date at all before we were engaged, I'd say that my most memorable date would be our FIRST date... the day he proposed!

He proposed to me in front of the entire church the Sunday morning right before my 25th birthday. I was in absolute shock, not even knowing that he felt that way about me!

Well, we were kicked out of church by our pastor & told to go celebrate.... so as we walked out in a daze, wondering where to go at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning, we decided to go to a little cafe... because I had a GIFT CERTIFICATE!!

My friends laughed about it afterwards, saying we should have gone someplace fancy... but I was in so much shock that I couldn't really think straight...

So yes, our first date was a freebie, the day Jason declared his love for me & proposed. :)

Ginger Tate said...

Diane wrote "My most memorable date with my husband before we were married was on what we called ‘date night with my daughters’. It took a while before I would let him come over to my house and be around my girls because I was very protective of them and wanted to be sure this was someone that could potentially be in my life. Anyway, on this particular night, he had rented some movies and brought over popcorn. Well, this night also happened to be a night I permitted my daughters to have a couple of friends for a sleepover. Typically, when Patrick (aka my hubby) came over, they were like eagles….they watched his every move and didn’t want him to close to their mom. They were very protective of me as well and therefore kept their radar on high alert when it came to him.

Anyway, to make a long story as short as possible. The girls weren’t very interested in looking at a movie with us especially since they had friends over but believe me they were back & forth from their room to the family room checking on me/us. I had already established boundaries with Patrick before we started dating so he knew that I intended to take the relationship slow because I had already been married before and didn’t want to make another bad decision. The rules were he was only allowed to go from the family room to the kitchen or guest bathroom…THAT WAS IT! Well, all I clearly remember is that I got up to go get something out of my room and I remember just staring at up at a shelf in the closet….I PROMISE TO THIS DAY, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! While I was standing there Patrick came up from behind me and put his arms around me…this could have left him bent over from being punched but something very strange happened that changed that. He just held me and started rocking back / forth singing Praise & Worship tunes (i.e. I Love You Lord Today is the one I remember most)….we both just began to cry and suddenly it was as if God Himself came down and wrapped His arms around us and let us know that He brought us together because at that moment, we both knew we were meant to be each other’s spouse.

Who could ask for a better memory than that…to stand in the midst of God’s presence with the man that He chose to be my husband!

FYI….another reason I knew our relationship was God’s doing….not one time did the kids come and disturb us. If they did, we were so engulfed from being in the presence of God, we wouldn’t have known if they were there or not! GOD IS SO AWESOME! He knows just what / who we need in our lives".