Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Husband Project, Day One

Discussion Question:
What is your biggest challenge in dating your husband? Money? Time? Energy? His attitude? Your Attitude?

Find a picture of the two of you that you really love. You can either e-mail me a copy at All pictures will be entered into this blog.

Let's have fun! We all want to remember why we married our husband's. Let's see how much we can accomplish in 5 days.

Following is a picture of Larry & I. I love his expression. Be sure and e-mail me your picture - you do want to win this wonderfulbook.

Karen & Hubby

Heather & Hubby

Susan & Hubby

Heather C & Hubby

Peg & Hubby

Dianne & Hubby

Judy & Hubby

Kimberly & Hubby

Tammy & Hubby

Shelley & Hubby

Tearsa & Hubby


Ginger Tate said...

I think our greatest challenge in dating is having a set routine. Monday and Tuesday are nights we catch up on our writing, e-mails, etc. Wednesday night is church. Thursday night is grocery time. Friday we get with our friends. Saturday is a work day around the hosue. Sunday is church. Everything is pre-planned and organized. Hard to do something on the spur of the moment.

Heather @ The Striving Wife said...

Our biggest challenge is definitely TIME... Although we both have a J.O.B. (at the same school) that has us home by 4:30 every day, we have several internet projects going on, as well as commitments to church & other ministries.

It's hard to take time to "play" when we have so much else that could and needs to be done!

K. Sevier said...

Hi, I'm Karen Sevier and I believe our biggest challenge is not in scheduling date night, it's creativity. We are committed to Thursday nights. The kids know, our friends and family know that they are not to disturb us on date except in the case of an emergency. The kids are so use to it that if it's after 5:00 p.m. and we're still talking to them, they remind us that it's date night. LOL! We look forward to Thursdays, but sometimes we find ourselves wondering what will we do this time. Regardless, we make sure to spend that time together, even if it's the beautiful intimacy of just simply being there in the moment.

Babs said...

I would have loved to particpate in this project but I'm lacking one thing...a husband. I had one once...........I would love one again but it hasn't happened for me yet.
BTW, our Pastors wife wrote a book awhile back, it was called, Being Good to Your Husband On Purpose. Becky Hunter. I still need to read that in hopes it will happen again.
Blessings to whoever does win.

Susan D said...

Hey Ginger, Our biggest challenge is time together. We work different shifts with different days off. The time we do spend together seems to be jammed packed cramming as much as possible in it. Yet, there are so many things to do together that picking from our list can seem like a spur of the moment event. Blessings, Susan

Heather C. said...

Our biggest challenge with dating is kids. We do fostercare and currently with our 1 biogical 16 yeard old girl, 3 adopted kids, boy-10, twin girls-8, we have 2 foster kids girls 17 & 15 who is special ed. We also have a former foster daughter who is married and gave us a grandson.
We try to get out of the house even just to grocery shop together but always get a call that one or more kids are misbehaving. Or we have to bring one or more kids with us to not have issues back at home. We cant even shut our bedroom door for very long without knocking....
It gets very fustrating even more since hubby leaves Jan 21st for a 60 day military training session.
*sigh* lol after that we will need to try and have some alone time.

Diane said...

I would have to say our biggest challenge is two-fold. The first being our schedules. With my husband being a musician, most of his work is in the evenings and on weekends. I work during the day and by the time I get home in the evenings, he's preparing to leave and I use my time to work on music. Sundays we both are in ministry at church - typically with different schedules. So we are like ships passing in the night...when he sleeps, I'm working and vice-versa.

The second challenge is 'me'...I just don't have the energy I used to have...could be a combination of stress (i.e. mom / sister being sick) and not eating right. I just find myself so tired - both physically and mentally.

I love my husband very much so I made a decision to do a better job at making time for him even if it means going to his gigs and/or trying to stay awake until he gets home so we can have some quality time.

Judy Martorelli said...

My biggest challenge in dating my husband is the problem/lack of money. In spite of that, we don't let our relationship go stale. We have been married for 7 1/2 years and call ourselves "Newlyweds Forever" with a motto of 'Never let it get old'. We live in a VERY small house so we don't feel the need to schedule a 'Date Night'. When we want to get away from the cats and the neighbors, we just drive 15 miles to the water. We find it both romantic and calming. I will email you a picture of us. Thanks for letting me share. :-D

Peg Janssen said...

Our biggest challenge is keeping our relationship fresh and alive. Being married almost 40 years, a couple gets to know one another almost too well, it's easy to take advantage of one another. I'm personally trying to remember and respect my husbands needs, it's amazing how my attitude affects my husbands attitude. If it's feeling like a not so good day, I try to put my emotions to the side and do the right thing for the right reason for the sake of the seems to work most of the time, usually when we're off track, selfishness has set in, good old self satisfaction can become a naughty thing, gotta keep tabs on that. Usually God is pretty good about convicting me with guilt when I'm off track, but I've gotta make sure that I do something about it.

First Lady of Bethlehem said...

Date night is a great way to nourish your relationship. Just as a new born baby has to be nurtured to thrive, the same thing is vital to the growth and durabilty of your relationship. It is easy to fall into the same routine day to day and place priorites on everything else but the both of you. For us working at home is great, but can also be a drag. In 2009, I will be getting out the house more. So what, if we have to drive 30 to 55 miles for a little fun!

Brenda said...

What is your biggest challenge in dating your husband? Money? Time? Energy? His attitude? Your Attitude?

OK, for me a 51 year old who adopted her grandchild who is now ten...I would have to say all of the above except money...a little older and have a little more money but less at near 9 in the eveing I am just tired..

countryallover said...

Our biggest challenge for a date is everything.........From not any time between running the kids around [ages 11 and 15] for me..Then making sure I am home to get dinner ready before he gets home at 6...Thats one thing we always do is have dinner together...To not having money because of our tighting our belts due to the economy. Energy is another thing the time I help the boys with chores,homework,etc hes asleep....
We need a date night .......can't remeber last time we went out ...:(

Shelley said...

Wow, we have a few obstacles in the road ahead of us! Money is a BIG one. We have 4 children, which means paying a babysitter. I attend school full time and do not work so there are huge sacrifices involved. Time is also an issue but you can always make time for the things most important... you can't go pick money off the tree!! We both realize the importance of quality, intimate time alone, but our attitudes also get the best of us sometimes. We are at a spot where we feel like strangers so it is hard to connect with someone you don't know. We are definitely working on that though! God is always faithful, and will ALWAYS ALWAYS show us the way..

Tearsa said...

We actually do pretty good about having "our" time together. It's not nearly as often as I would like...once a month, occassionally twice a month, as opposed to weekly. Plus, scheduling a babysitter can also be a challenge. Our adopted kids, ages 12,11 and 7 can be quite a handfull. They also take a whole lot of our time, energy and money.