Monday, January 19, 2009

Laughing Does The Heart Good

How is your laugh meter? Sometimes I laugh out loud just remembering someone else laughing out loud. Sometimes I laugh at our dog, Cody. He is a 8 lb dog wanting to be a golden retriever. It's so funny to see how brave he is until he comes face-to-face with a large dog.

I remember our grandson, Travis, not wanting to go out to eat with us one evening. As we approached the restaurant (he was 3 at this time), he stated "I don't like this place". He had never been here before but he had decided he did not want to eat or enter this establishmemt. We insisted that he get out of the car and as he walked into the restaurant he kept replying "I don't like this place". So whenever we pass this restaurant, 5 years later, we laugh and make the statement "I don't like this place".

Why does it feel so good to make someone laugh? I believe laughing is a selfish and generous action, both at the same time. When a child does something that makes us laugh, you can see how proud they are of themself. It lifts them up as well as ourself.

They say laughter also releases endorphins that ease heartache, sadness or even pain. What a gift! Going around all day with a frown on our face is not encouraging to you or your friends. Put a smile on!

Just think those wonderful crow's feet earned around our eyes are memories of laughter. So "Boycott Botox!" Try saying that three times really fast.

Did I make you laugh? I hope so.


caryn said...

great post!! as usual, you are insightful and you make me laugh!! I am truly blessed to have you as a friend!

Deb Burton said...

Yes, you did make me laugh. Our family watches a lot of old comedy classics - Marx Brothers, Red Skelton, Laurel and Hardy, Victor Borge. It is so good to laugh out loud as a family. It really cleanses the air in the home, i think.

Shelley said...

LOL... It's even funnier because I can picture Travis saying that..