Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Husband Project, Day Four

Discussion Question:
If your husband had one hour of uninterrupted time with you, what would he want to do?

Do A Drive-By--Leave a note under their windshield wiper with a bit of encouragement or compliment. Bonus--how happy will they be when they realize it is not a parking ticket?!? (If you cannot drive by their job, or hubby works at home, put the note on their bathroom mirror, computer, etc.) E-mail me at ginger_tate0706@yahoo.com with the following: What you did and what the note said. You can be creative and make a cute card. If you do, e-mail that to me as well. Have fun!

Day Four has posted early to give you time to work on the project for the next day.

Susan wrote "Yesterday, a dear CMA member went home to be with Jesus after a courageous battle against cancer. In light of this, I chose to write my dear hubby a poem (tho I'm not a poet). It will be difficult to surprise him with it because it's his day off and I'm already at work. So here's Plan A: If yesterday's treat is still in the freezer when I get home (yes, he likes it frozen!), I'm going to place the note under the candy bar. If that option is not available, I'm going to Plan B (which will be a spur of the moment thing). Here's the poem:

If we Only Have Today

If we only have today, oh the endless things we could do.
There are so many options; it would be difficult to choose.

We could visit an exotic beach to feel the sand between our toes.
And watch the water's waves as they splash against the shore.

Perhaps we'd sail the ocean just to catch the wind.
And feel the water spray on our faces as we skim across its surface.

We could find a quiet place to sit just to watch the sun go down.
Or climb atop a mountain peak to watch an eagle soar.

It really doesn't matter what we choose to do.
As long as we're together; as long as it's with you.

I love you.
Blessings, Susan

Tearsa wrote "I had fun making this little note/card for my hubby. I was sitting right next to him, (he was on his laptop) when I made it. Since he works at a Federal Prison, a drive-by would be frowned upon. So, I quietly slipped it into his lunch bag this morning. When I got home, he said I found a note in my lunch bag this morning. He was pleasantly surprised! (Especially since I will be out of town for the next couple of days)".

The Card read:
People love Chocolate
Bears love Honey
More than people love Chocolate
More than Bears love Honey
I love you!
You are my best friend, my soul mate!
Yours forever!

Diane wrote "This project is so much fun. This one actually may turn out to be an easy one for me but we’ll see. My husband is gigging at a very popular jazz club here in Houston tonight so he typically parks in the same spot. A friend and I decided to go up there after work so I’ll sneak and put it on the windshield of his car or maybe the inside because I don’t want anyone to take it…in an obvious spot where he’ll see it….plus, I signed the envelope with my lipstick (that was a little messy & smeared but the thought is what counts) and kissed the back side of it.

On the inside, I printed out a picture we took on my birthday while we were on our cruise and glued it to the front of a card. Then on the inside, I glued a little graphic I got off the internet that said ‘Married and still in love’. I finally wrote a note in the card which said:

Babe, this is just a little note to show you how much I love you and to remind you that each day with you creates a new memory that I will cherish like the picture on the front of this note’!

Love you! You’re my ‘Teddy Bear’

Heather M wrote "Ginger, So sad & sorry to say that I have to pull out of this "Husband Project" ... in order to participate in the REAL husband project - taking care of my sick hubby!! :( He's been really sick these past few days, so I just jumped on the computer for literally 5 minutes just to let you know I won't be able to complete my projects on time.... I'm in the midst of day 4's project anyway, but... it won't be done (or seen by him) on time. Off to take care of Mr. Sicky! God bless!"

Dear Lord,
You know Jason so much better than I do. You know his sickness and the burden he carries. You also know his heart. Lord, I ask you to be with Jason now, working in his life. Let your will be done in his life. Lord, I pray for Jason because your Word says I should pray for his healing. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart and that it is powerful because of your promise. I have faith in you to heal Jason, but I also trust in the plan you have for his life. I ask that you look with mercy and grace toward Jason. Nourish his spirit and soul in this time of suffering and comfort him with your presence. Lord, Let Jason know you are there with him. We thank you Lord for what you are doing right now...Amen!

Judy wrote "I left a note on top of his coffee mug on the counter so that, when he got up this morning and came into the kitchen, it was the first thing he saw (even before his coffee).
The note said
I love you for who you were,
I love you for who you are,
I love you for who you'll always be,
and that is God's gift from Heaven to me."

Of course, he grabbed me and kissed me after reading it."

Tammy wrote "Sorry this is late ,
I was sick yesterday and the kids were home because of the weather so it was crazy here.... anyways I did the project this morning...hope thats ok!

I packed his lunch and I put him a note in it. He'll have a good day after lunch anyway.I hope lol. Heres what the note said.....

Honey, You are my man, The one who stands, Tall in a crowd to me. Forever I'll love you. YOU SEE? love, me

Shelley wrote "I left Dominic a note telling him how much I appreciate how hard he works. Many times he says he does not feel appreciated for working hard and long hours. His job is very labor intensive. I made sure I let him know that all he does to provide for our family does not go unnoticed".

Kimberly made a card that said "Congratulations Michael...You are my hero! You have one hour of uninterrupted to spend with your wife tonight. What do you want to do? P.S. Please respond in writing"

Karen made a card that said "Loving you is easy. Being loved by you is humbling because you love me flaws and all". Karen also wrote "I sent the picture of the motorcycle because he loves me so much that he was willing to give up this bike to take care of a financial matter that had nothing to do with him, but everything to do with my own financial irresponsibility. Thank God he didn't have to give up the bike and things are so much better financially, as I totally trust him to manage our finances".


Heather C. said...

If hubby and I would have one hour to ourselves he would want to spend it in the bedroom. (I guess that is all the explaining needed)
We do not get a lot of time to ourselves with all the kids so this would be a wonderful hour for him (and me)
We have had some rough times over the last 1 1/2 years and are working at pulling us back in together and getting that spark back so this is a wonderful 5 days. Thank you Ginger!

Susan D said...

Honestly, I don't know what husband would want an entire hour of anything other than uninterrupted intimate time with his wife. We cherish those times because we work different schedules and have different days off. Blessings, Susan

K. Sevier said...

There are many things Ron would like to do. He would like to spend time talking because we enjoy talking to each other. It could be something recreational, something intimate or both. For him because of our schedules, it would depend on the time of day or day of the week. He would love to spend an hour in the park or our little favorite spot in the Woodlands. He also enjoys it when we're able to play video games. Ron and I are big kids at heart. We love to play and just be together in whatever moment we create.

countryallover said...

Honestly I think it would be us alone in the bedrrom....not worrying about kids listening or walking in..lol

Shelley said...

Everyone else's responses are sooo romantic, my husband would want an UNINTERRUPTED NAP!!!! Since we have 4 children and never any time to sleep then that is probably what we would do for that hour...

Diane said...

I can answer that easily...Heather and I are on the same page. My hubby would want to spend a nice romantic night alone - just the two of us. He'd suggest we take a bubble bath together in candlelight while listening to some soft music. He'd want to turn everything off (i.e. cell phones, television, etc.) except for one thing - 'him turning me on' LOL...is that too graphic??? Sorry but we're all married!

Tearsa said...

If my hubby and I had an hour of uninterupted time when we weren't on our computers or watching tv, we would talk about our plans and goals for the future. There are so many places we want to visit and places that we want to be able to take our kids. We need time just to catch up with one another. We might go fishing and just enjoy the quiet and spending time together. We both enjoy just being in each other's presence.

Heather @ The Striving Wife said...

Ginger, So sad & sorry to say that I have to pull out of this "Husband Project" ... in order to participate in the REAL husband project - taking care of my sick hubby!! :( He's been really sick these past few days, so I just jumped on the computer for literally 5 minutes just to let you know I won't be able to complete my projects on time.... I'm in the midst of day 4's project anyway, but... it won't be done (or seen by him) on time. Off to take care of Mr. Sicky! God bless!

Keep on Striving,
Heather Marshall

Judy Martorelli said...

Well, I would have to say 'Ditto' to most of the other posts here tonight. Intimate time is the thing he loves to spend with me. It seems that our husbands like to please us in every way, not just in the bedroom. Trying not to give TMI, we like to just lay and hold each other and speak sweet somethings to each other afterwards.
I hope that wasn't inappropriate to say. (giggle)