Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Husband Project, Day Five

Discussion Question:
There is a saying that goes..."Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. What your character; it becomes your destiny."

What is it about "you" that needs to be changed to make your marriage better? Be honest!

If you could make a sign that represented your hubby...what would it be? It can be a one, two or three word statement. E-mail me a picture of your hubby, along with the words for your sign. They will be posted for the group to see. Have fun with this one!



Hunka Burnin Love

See My Jeans?
(As if anyone would be looking at the jeans)

Apogee (which means “the tops or the best”)



Who is that Grinning Preacher?



countryallover said...

This is kind of a hard one....Theres alot about me I need to change that I think will make my marriage better. First off I am a sinner but with God I can do all things and ask for forgiveness...Thats hard for me sometimes, because I am a perfectionist and I am hard on myself..I need to love God and me first ..I never put myself first for anything..Thats what I need to do, love me so I can love others like I should. I need to realize to accept things I can't change and change the things I can...To make my marriage better my husband and I need to take us time....I need to lose weight so I can do the things my husband wants to do...I need to get my hubby to church.He experienced something when he was young that put church off for him and I pray daily for Gods help on this...thats what I need and want to do...

Susan D said...

This is probably the hardest one. I think I should be more open with my praise to him. Others know how wonderful I think he is; but he should be told that daily. I'm not talking about saying "I love you" we do that. Phrases like, "I'm proud to be your wife," "you make me happy," "you're compassion to others sets a good example to our children." You know....stuff like that. Blessings, Susan

Tearsa said...

I agree that this one is difficult. My first thought was my weight, but I'm already working on this one. So I had to rethink that one. Occassionally, I have to step back and think about the way I have just spoken to my hubby. I love him so much, but occassionally, I am not very appreciative of all he does for me. I mean I appreciate it, but I don't always remember to tell him. No, I don't expect to be perfect...I'm just saying that's one area I could do better on.

Heather C. said...

WOW This is a hard one. There is a LOT in me that needs to be changed. One thing is the need to compete with my hubby. Another is instead of saying what I feel I dont say anything. I need to learn to love myself to accept that he loves me.

Judy Martorelli said...

I think I am guilty of not giving him enough positive affirmations.

We do tell each other 'I Love You' throughout the day but I don't tell him how much I appreciate the things he does for me on a daily basis.

I believe I will work on that this year and make some improvements.

Thanks for making me think about this one.

Shelley said...

There is a lot that needs to be changed within me. While I have learned and grown with God, allowing him to change me there is still so much more to be done. I need to learn to be more and more dependent on God, and not worry so much about the here and now and why we go through what we go through. I need to focus on the healing that God has for us rather than concentrate on the why's. I also need to give my husband more adoration, welcome him home after a day from work and just let him know that we are all happy he is here.

K. Sevier said...

I believe that this was the toughest of questions. I need to serve my husband more. He spoils me to no end and I receive it. But, I know that he would like it in return a little more than what I currently do. I've got to change that. I could also compliment him more as it relates to intimacy. He is a wonderful lover, but he desires to hear it. My husband likes to talk about politics, cars, motorcycles, consumer report, etc., things that don't really interest me in the least. I know that it would please him if I take a more active interest in discussing some of the things he really enjoys talking about. I have got to do better and I will do better.