Monday, January 5, 2009

Fireflies In December

Fireflies in December is an exceptional read! The author, Jennifer Erin Valent, writes with a southern literature accent that takes you to the center of what is being said in the novel.

The story starts in the summer of 1932 when she, Jessilyn Lassiter, thought she had killed a man. Then her best friend loses her parents in a tragic fire. Since the friend had no parents, Jessilyn’s father vowed to raise Gemma as if she was his own. The only problem was one child was white and the other black.

Fireflies in December covers injustice, riots, peaceful friendships, tragedy, sense of community and memories of an era that has long past. This is a book that I feel all teenagers should read. They would never look at prejudice the same again.

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Jennifer Valent said...

Thanks so much for this great review of my book! I'm so glad you enjoyed Fireflies In December!