Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Miracle of Birth

Words cannot express how proud we are of our new grandson. It is so amazing how much you love them the first time you lay eyes on them. It's an instant love & you know instantly that there is nothing you wouldn't do to protect them.

If you've seen the face of a newborn, I'm sure you are like me in the fact that I cannot figure out how anyone could not believe in God. Everything is perfect the minute the child is born. Ear lobes, eye lids, fingers, toes, etc. Just perfect! A miracle! Just to think this child totally depended on his mother while in the womb, but the minute it takes it's first breath it is able to survive without his mother. Yes, it does need an adult to take care of it...but it is living on it's own effort.

In saying all of this, we are so proud of Ryder Phillip Verspaget. Born March 26, 2009, 6 lbs 6 oz, 18 3/4" long. Thanks to everyone who prayed for a safe delivery & a healthy baby. God is so good!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Have You Been?

I was told a joke the other day. It goes like this.....

"Did you hear about the twenty-dollar bill and the one-dollar bill talking to one another? They were telling each other where they had been.

The twenty said he had just been on a whirlwind trip. He had been to the casinos and to the movies. He had been to a baseball game and purchased hotdogs and sodas. He had been passed on to the lottery and then to a drug dealer. His life was full of extravagant travel.

The one-dollar bill responded saying his life was boring. All he had done was travel from one church to another and another."

What a sad story!

I am amazed at how much we spend on luxury items, travel, clothing, etc. Then I think how much have we given God? If we truly love God and believe He is in control of our life, shouldn't our giving be something we want to do? Shouldn't it be more important than vacations? Our purpose on earth is to win the lost. If we do not support our church and missionaires we are not doing our part. My prayer today is "Lord, give me a giving heart."

Baby Verspaget

Just a note to let everyone know that our 3rd grandson will be born in 6 days. It seems like the 9 month have flown by. I know it must seem an eterity for our daughter tho.

I remember being pregnant with our children (many yeas ago) and the pregnancy seemed to last forever. But isn't it amazing how you forget all the pain and hours of lost sleeping when you see that little one's face.

We are praying for a healthy baby & a safe delivery. God you are so good!

The Journey

We are happy to announce that “The Journey: Searching for the Promised Land” is now available at Amazon.

We have all heard the story of the Exodus. But, do we really know what the Exodus story is about?

The Journey is not a story about Moses. It is not a story about a people’s journey through the wilderness to their promised land.

Read The Journey and understand it in the way God wanted you to know it: a story about you and about me; and the problems we face everyday.

The Journey is about your unpaid bills. It is about your struggling business. It is about the pay raise you’ve been wanting. It is about the difficulties you have been having with your family. After reading The Journey you may find yourself with a different viewpoint on life.

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Larry & Ginger Tate

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks For Your Wonderful Comments

Thank you to all my readers. Here are a few of the comments you've left:

"I enjoyed reading Reaching Up to Heaven, touched my heart. Site loaded quickly and is very attractive. Love to find Christian sites on LR God Bless!."

"Beautiful and inspiring blog!"

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"Very encouraging and inspirational site. Your faith really shines through in your words. God bless and keep blogging for the Lord!"

"I love your bio. I too am a child of a King. The articles are fun to read and make christian life a today thing not from the past or future. You made it easy to find a favorite. I love when this happened."

"Thank you for sharing your story and may your message and passion spread out and touch many lives."

"If you like to read and your tastes are varied, this is the blog for you! Well written and very personal! I enjoyed my visit! Ted"

"Awesome blog!! Love how uplifting and real it is. Really loved reading about the husband projects... I will be following!"

"This one of very friendly blog we ever visit. Simple and good. We love it. Best greeting from Indonesia."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Verspaget

Great news! Our third grandson will be born on March 26th, 2009 in Frisco, Texas. Please pray with us that the baby will be healthy and our daughter, Kristy, will have a safe delivery. Pictures will be posted as soon as he (they haven't decided on a name yet) is born.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It

Love...What this word means to me is commitment.

Love is not a "feeling". Love is an "action". It is a "choice".

When my husband and I got married 37 years ago, we thought we were "in-love". We did not have a clue. Love came with time, trials, victories and commitment.

The same goes for our relationship with God. When I was saved at the age of 10, I thought I was "in-love" with God. That love then in no way compares to the love I have for God today. If we love someone we are willing to do whatever it takes. We must love without restrictions. I love my children and my husband and I am willing to stand by them no matter what. But my love for God is so much more....I am willing to do whatever he would ask me to do.

Love is the ultimate sacrifice. "For God so loved the world....."

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