Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Are Not Forgotten

On the news this morning was a story about Britain's oldest man when he turned 111. On his birthday, a vintage aircraft did a fly-over and the Band of the Royal Marines played "Happy Birthday." This man's name was Henry Allingham. Henry was amazed by all of the attention. Until six years earlier, he had for 86 years keep secret the horrific memories of what happened in the trenches of World War I. Only when tracked down by the World War I Veteran's Association did this old man, who had been shelled, bombed, and shot, receive honor for what he had endured in behalf of his country.

I thought about the Bible and remembered stories of men who fought in battles and often ended up wounded, imprisoned, and even killed as a result of their service. But Jesus reminds us that everything and anything we have done in faith and love will one day be honored by God. (Hebrews 6:10)

Are you discouraged today? Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel forgotten after trying to serve God? Be assured that God will not forget anything you have done in your service to Him or others. Remember "God remembers the good we forget".

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