Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Deep In the Dish of Texas

If you have not checked out the blog "Deep In The Dish Of Texas" take time to check it out. http://www.cookingntexas.blogspot.com.

What is my favorite food/cooking website?
This is an easy one to answer. www.cookingntexas.blogspot.com

Do I prefer to watch cooking shows or read cooking magazines?
I prefer cooking magazines. Watching cooking shows are ok, but I like to have the extra time to check out the ingredients, time to cook, supplies needed. Plus I like the printed information in my face.

Am I more adventuresome in what I cook or in what I eat?
I am more adventuresome in what I cook. I'm willing to try new recipes. Eating out and trying something new is not my thing.

What is one ingredient that I have always wanted to cook with, but never have?
I'd have to say the ingredient is artichokes.

What is one thing I cannot cook without:

To participate in this fun project go to: http://www.cookingntexas.blogspot.com/


Shelley said...

What 5 questions are you talking about? Let me know!! Thanks...

caryn said...

thanks so much for participating!! I really value your friendship.