Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Is The Power Charge

My husband and I decided to take the weekend and get away. We made reservations at a hotel approximately 150 miles (Oklahoma City) from our home and hit the road. We arrived at our hotel around 3 pm yesterday, checked into our room, drove by the Asian District, and Stockyard City. We ate dinner went to a movie, and then back to our room. A perfect day!

When we got to the room, I realized we had left the chargers for our cell phones. You have to realize, I'm one of those people who has packing down to an art. Something so simple, frustrated me so much. Everytime I woke up during the night, I would think about our cell phones sitting on the cabinet and losing power. Stupid right? I agree! But it was something I could not get off my mind.

That next morning before we went down for breakfast, I was thinking about the chargers again. When all of a sudden, my mind started thinking about the relationships with our spouses, our parents, our children, our friends, etc. None of those relationships are worth anything if there is not love between you. Then I - Love is the power charge.

I know this year, 2009, I want to see the incredible power of God released through my life. But it just doesn't 'happen'. You have to start putting the love command in action. Start loving those around you.

If you have strife in your heart and you're not living by the love commandment of Jesus, spiritual things are foolishness to you. When you're in that condition, the Name of Jesus won't work. Faith won't work, and none of the gifts of the Spirit will work because the Bible says they all work through love.

Love is the power change. God's power package just won't work without it!

John 15:12-13


Peggy Reeves said...

Ginger, I followed your link to your blog and became a follower.
You make me want to take a quick trip with my hubby. I like the way you pick up and go, even if you did leave your chargers. Your compassion is inspiring! Blessings to you and your husband.

Sara said...

I found you on link referral and became a follower. My husband and I like to pick up and go. Since I got pregnant, are trips have been smaller. So we do special things at home, like picnics, and movie nights and special walks. You made me realize how much I miss those overnight trips. So my husabnd and I are planning one, Thank you!Your site is very inspiring and refreshing. I will be back!
God Bless