Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am positive there are many articles being written about Thanksgiving, and I'm sure I'm one out of thousands. But I can not go through this season without writing down what I am thankful for. So here goes my list:

I'm thankful for:
My husband who has been by my side for 37 years.
I'm thankful for my beautiful daughter, her husband and my two awesome grandsons.
I'm thankful for the new baby that is on his way. We declare him healthy!
I'm thankful for my strong, handsome son, his wife and their two sons.
I'm thankful for the greatest dog in the world. Cody is always by myside.
I'm thankful for my parents and in-laws.
I'm thankful for my church, my pastor & freedom to worship wherever we want.
I'm thankful for travel. Nothing I like more than to travel with my hubby.
I'm thankful for health.
I'm thankful for warm socks.
I'm thankful that our new barn is finished.
I'm thankful that my husband loves whatever I cook.
I'm thankful for our friends.
I'm thankful for my hot tub.
I'm thankful for the money that God has given us.
I'm thankful for our home and land.
I'm thankful for the little things that my husband does for me.
I'm thankful for bath oils.
I'm thankful for my twitter friends.
I'm thankful for stores that have what I want.

I could go on and on. But the whole thing is...I'm thankful for everything God has done for me or given me. So...on Thanksgiving Day...I hope I don't forget to stop and thank God for everything He has done. To alot of people, Thanksgiving is a day to eat, spend time with family and have fun. But Thanksgiving to me is stepping aside and remembering who gave me what I have and made me what I am.

Thank you Lord for all you've done for me, my husband and my family!

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