Monday, June 8, 2009

Forgetting What Is Important

In my morning devotion, I read the following story:

"Eager patrons surrounded the music hall as the hour for the concert arrived. A married couple was observed coming through the lobby. The husband turned to his wife and said, 'Oh, darling, I do wish our piano were here!' She looke at him nonplused and asked, 'Why would you want our piano here?' He replied, 'Because our tickets are on it.'

My mind then went to Psalm 59:11: Lest my people forget...

Do you realize that we are so blessed by our precious Lord in so many ways, the main thing ofcourse is our eternal salvation. Most of us have reasonable health, jobs that provide needed income, a house, friends, adequate food, vehicles to take us here and there, a great nation with all its liberties--all benefits that millions of people have never had.

And yet we so often complain. Or we envy our neighbors who appear to have even more. Envy, spurred by present-day advertising in various media, often causes us to want more and more, such as a bigger house (or a second one), a fancier car, custom clothes, or whatever. For the most part, we have everything we want for a happy and productive life. We should get down on our knees before God everytime we utter a complaint and beg his forgiveness. The Psalmist called upon us to bless the Lord, not forgetting all the good things He has done in our lives.

I suppose forgetting concert tickets left home on the piano would be an embarrassmet or inconvenience. But nagging God because we want more is a sin. The apostle Paul wrote about being content. May we all be so savvy!

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Kê!τh™ said...

Thanks for that uplifting and encouraging post. I needed to hear that; it re-affirms exactly what God laid on my heart today. We have been given so much, without even asking for it. And not because there's something special about us, it's just because our Lord Jesus has loved us, unconditionally. May we always find our source of joy, Him.