Friday, December 26, 2008

The Gift of a Home

When I checked my e-mails this morning, I saw that I had received one from my sister-in-law. The message was titled "You made us feel so welcomed!". I opened it and the message stated that when they walked through our front doors - they felt welcomed. They said they appreciated all the time I had taken to decorate our home for the Christmas season and how they knew any family gathering at our house was one that would be a time filled with fun, there would be plenty of great food, and the pressence of God would be felt.

I don't think I could have received a better compliment. When I invited all of my husband's family over for Christmas Eve, I really only thought that I had the best house for the function. I knew we had enough room to get everyone in and fed comfortably. But I saw that nothing was said about the size of our house, it was what was inside.

So, as I write this morning's devotion, please remember if you have four walls, a roof, and a front door where guests may enter, don't take it for granted. In a world where many are homeless and hungry, a home is a precious treasure, meant to be shared. It can be a castle or a cabin, a townhouse or a tiny apartment. However, large or small, however elegant or plain, if you can call it home, it is a gift. And if those within your walls love each other and love God, you home can be a tiny outpost of Heaven in a reckless world.

My prayer today is you ask people over, pray that everyone will feel at home and loved. Don't invite only those friends you feel comfortable with. Include some who need ministry and some who need friends. Then throw open your doors and watch God work. It is His home!


Susan Storm Smith said...

You are so right! Every house is not a home, and not all are invited or welcomed within each door. It takes a heart to experience and to give.

Excellent graphic of memories we should strive for--do people want to come back?

Anonymous said...

Ginger, that was so encouraging to me, seeing how you felt with opening your house for all the visitors--a huge responsibility indeed. We had a worderful time and plenty of delicious food.
James T