Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are You Willing To Give It All Up?

I remember when our family was going through a difficult time and I knelt down by my bed and said "God, I am willing to do whatever it takes. If that means walking away, I would. If that means praying more, I'm willing. If it means putting it on the alter and giving you full control, I'm willing."

Wow...that was a very hard thing to do. When God did move in this situation, it was not done the way I thought He would do it. In fact, I remember saying "God, that's not what I meant." But the truth is: God knew what was best. He knew what needed to be done to work our miracle. Even now, I look back and I'm amazed at how God's plan worked to the best for all of us.

The main thing I learned from this situation was that I had to give it all up to God. Have you ever wondered why Lot's wife turned and looked back after she had been told not to? She was not willing to give it all up. She wasn't ready to leave her possessions, friends and family. She followed Lot, however, it is was not in her heart. She only did what was expected of her.

My prayer today is that I never forget who is in charge of my life.


Susan Storm Smith said...

Indeed I have and will continue to do so. God started me off with moving me all over the US, giving everything but a few personal things away with each move. As Paul says, I have been up and I have been without--but in all things, it is absolute pure joy because I am with Christ.

Anne LeGare said...

When I first became a Christian 20 years ago, I was a divorced mother of two, and still had an unsaved boyfriend. I didn't want to give him up or the "fringe" benefits.

A year later, I went to a conference where the leader was teaching us about Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac on the altar. As he spoke, he was drawing on a chalkboard, using pastel chalks to depict the event. He then turned to the audience, and said "what is the Isaac you are refusing to put on the altar of faith?"

I knew it was my boyfriend. He was a wonderful man in many respects, and seemed to love me and my children. But I knew I wasn't completely trusting God with my life, so I broke up with him.

The amazing thing is when my boyfriend was given time alone, he gave his life to Christ and asked me to marry him! He said was going to break up with me, because he didn't respect me as someone who stood by my decisions (like my earlier faith commitment). When I broke up with him, he realized I was the woman he wanted to marry.

Only God can orchestrate events like that. Now we've been married 18.5 years, he adopted my two children, and we have three more.

I am never afraid to surrender to God anymore. He is my creator: holy, faithful, just, and wonderful! What's not to trust?

Annalisa said...

What an amazing story. I am fighting this very thing right now. What is my Isaac?

Thank You for making such a difference in my life =]

God Bless You and All Your loved ones.