Monday, December 1, 2008

Priority On Marriage

Flight attendants give these instructions to airline passengers: "For those of you traveling with small children, in the event of an oxygen failure, first place the mask on your own face and then place the mask on your child's face."

In family life, parents often spend most of their time placing oxygen masks on their children's faces while the marriage relationship suffocates. The only way to have a strong family is to make sure that the husband and wife keep the oxygen supply of love flowing strong between them. Communication is a must!

When our children left home, we went through the empty-nest syndrome. We didn't have anything to talk about...because our children had been our lives. But I can honestly say I love my husband more ever. We learned to do things together. We learned to talk even when there was nothing to talk about. I'm not saying my husband (or I) am perfect. We are not. But we have learned two major things: "Is it really worth fighting over?" "Will it really matter in one week?

So, in saying all of the above. Your wife/husband was given to you by God. Cherish your spouse & learn to listen. The memories you are making now will last a lifetime.


ashley Mahaffey said...

I love the analogy of the airbag. Great post!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

So very true. Putting the marriage first has to be intentional. Otherwise, all your time and energy will be snatched up by kids, the home, etc.

BTW, thank you for putting me in your blogroll. I really appreciate it. :)

caryn said...

once again a wonderful post! I am starting to really look forward to reading your posts!

Deb Burton said...

What you said is so true. The relationship I have with my husband also mirrors how our children should look at my spouse. If I honor my husband, then my children will honor him aswell, and the same with him towards me. The marriage relationship has to take precedence over the relationship with our children because that's how God designed it.

Good post!

David Dominguez said...

Thank you for this timely reminder. We have a 4-yr old and a 21-month old, so it's easy to get so caught up in them that we forget about us.

I needed to read this today.

God bless!

Shelley said...

I loved this... it made me feel all warm and fuzzy! It gives all us younger ones something to work on and warns us not to wait till our kids leave home.