Monday, October 27, 2008

Can God Use You?

I have sometimes wondered why God chose me. I know there are many people that are more talented that I am. They can sing better, write better, witness better, etc. However, God looked down at me and said She is my chosen one.

There are many in the Bible that were not the "pick of the liter." Noah was a drunk. Isaac was a daydreamer. Abraham was very old. Joseph was abused. Leah was ugly. Moses had a stuttering problem. Gideon was afraid. Samson had long hair and was a womanizer. Rehab was a prostitute. David had an affair and was a murderer. Elijah was suicidal. Isiah preached naked. Jonah ran from God. Naomi was a widow. Job went bankrupt. John the Baptist ate bugs. Peter denied Christ. Martha worried about everything. The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once. Zaccheus was too small. The disciples fell asleep while praying. Paul was too religious. Timothy had an ulcer and Lazarus was DEAD! (These facts were found in an article with Author Unknown)

Now...No more excuses! If God could use those in the Bible, just think what He could accomplish with you. God can use you to your full potential. Just remember that you aren't the are the messenger.

God is waiting for us to use our full potential!


A work of Gods Grace said...

Very interesting. I love that God does use the nobodies in the world. This was the second blog in a row that I have read about God using us. I wonder if he's trying to tell me something? I love what you write....keep it up. It's very encouraging! God bless.

Fiery Heart said...

Ha! I was just going down that same old mental path tonight (you know, the one that says "You can't possibly mean me, God")and I happened to look at my twitter account and I clicked on your link and what do you know!?! God is funny that way!
You know, one would think that when we get a point, we would keep a hold of it for a while. *smiling with chagrin* Thanks for posting this! If no one else in the whole world needed it today, I sure did. (But I suspect that I am NOT alone!) :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

This is all so true, and I know I've heard it before, but we need this message to be told again and again, because we humans forget.

BTW, MY grandmother was a Tate. (I'm a genealogist...) She was from Calhoun Falls, SC.
cherryblossommj (at) gmail [dot] com

Debbie said...

I'm so thankful that God chooses to use us human beings. How incredible is that? It's when we surrender and allow Him to do His work through us. It's not me but His Spirit in me.